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We at Spryte Media are committed to client satisfaction and will take the time to understand your needs, and to ensure that you get the best reach, recognition and value for your marketing and communication efforts.

Grow your brand. Reach your potential.

Let us journey with you to your success. We’ll be sure to tackle the toughest of tasks with a measured approach, while ensuring that we inject fun and enthusiasm every step of the way.

PR and Communications

Communication lies at the heart of any relationship. In the absence of effective communication, feelings of resentment, disconnection and misunderstanding are bred.

Our team of word wizards will ensure that your brand is effectively profiled and that your content and communication across all channels to all stakeholders, is clear, relevant, tailored and engaging.

Digital Marketing

In an ever-evolving world, and one in which digital specialists seem to appear from every corner, we simplify the beast that is digital marketing. We take the time to ensure that you understand what we’re doing with your brand (and funds) and stand out from the crowd.

We take great pride in reporting with increased accuracy to inform future efforts, and not just to present an impressive show-piece that has little meaning.

Website Design

A digital footprint is a non-negotiable, and it all begins with an appealing and easy to navigate website. Our approach to web design may seem simple, but the end-user is always considered when working on web design.

Having a site that is responsive, intuitive, inviting and targeted will position you ahead of competitors – This is our ultimate goal!

What We Do

Place brands at the forefront using a mix of digital and traditional media

We nurture brands and find creative ways to allow them to stand out from the crowd. We use a mix of both traditional and digital marketing and communication approaches to ensure that your audience is reached. We thoroughly enjoy telling stories, building content, planning and reporting. Yes, we’re mildly data-nerds too.

Your web design and user experience matters, and we are able to provide web design, content development and creative concept. Marketing and communication plans for the foundation for successful execution of efforts, and this too is a service that we can bring to you.

Your radio needs are in good hands! We are able to manage this from scripting-writing, recording, booking and reporting needs, by tapping into a host of industry contacts we can offer great rates for a host of mediums and help sculpt your dreams and provide professional execution to turn them into reality.

Our Approach

Understanding needs and building relationships for the best outcome

We prefer a more personal approach to working with brands and teams. We always begin our approach by questioning to understand your needs, before jumping into the thick of things.

We believe that it is important to start by identifying wants, needs, expectations and to establish aligned measurables. Through a consultative process with our clients, we guide and soundboard ideas to build a strong foundation and strategy from which to grow campaigns and show success in achieving your objectives.

In the absence of a solid foundation and understanding, many efforts fall far short of the mark and we would rather take the little extra time to build the relationship and have a concise understanding of where it is you and your brand are headed.

No matter your budget or available spend, we tailor programmes to show the best possible return for you and your brand.

Meet Our Leadership

Yoko Bewick
Marketing & Communications

With extensive experience leading large brand marketing and communication, Yoko leads the team's strategic direction and ensures the best reach and greatest bang for your brand's buck - always. You can be sure that you're in capable hands and that you're bound to be excited by the infectious energy and out-of-the-box thinking that she brings to the table.

Geoffrey Tim
Digital Marketing & Design

Having lead teams and managed digital projects of various scopes, Geoff's unique ability to translate tech-jargon into laymen's language sets him apart in the industry. Geoff has a keen eye for design and is gifted in bringing a fresh, relevant and brand-associated feel to all projects. Your team, brand and project are in caring, capable and passionate hands.

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